MariamC Client Served 8/03/2011

We were really excited to work with A Wish For Animals when looking for a new addition to our family. We really respected their 100% no-kill policy. We found Charlie and experienced a great transition from his foster family who took wonderful care of him. A Wish For Animals genuinely cares for animals and it shows in the way that the organization is run and the manner in which the dogs are treated. All and all, it was a great process and we couldn’t imagine our lives without Charlie.

Christie G. (Professional with expertise in this field) 08/07/2011

I work for a municipal animal shelter and have been working with rescue organizations for over 5 yrs. now. A Wish for Animals is a great and dedicated group of people who do everything in their power to pull dogs from shelters (giving them a second chance), take care of any necessary medical/emotional needs, and carefully finds them forever homes. They are always willing do to whatever they can to help take our shelter dogs and are deeply appreciated by myself as well as the rest of the staff. It is hard to find rescues who will take larger mixed breed dogs – no matter how awesome and friendly – and place them into loving homes. They have great volunteers willing to drive a good distance (at least 100+ miles), on a weeknight with traffic, in order to take some dogs from us, thus giving us some space for our new arrivals as well as saving the dogs from possible euthanasia. They are a pleasure to work with and I can always sense and see the true passion they have to help these homeless animals. Coming across them as another resource for the pets at my shelter was and is a true blessing. They’ve made a big impact in our shelter.

Linda A. (Volunteer) 08/03/2011

I had the experience of adopting a wonderful pup from a wish for animals. He had been fostered by a neighbor and the care she was giving him was impressive. Sunny was so well adjusted by the time I adopted him I felt I had to be part of a wish for animals fostering program. So far I have fostered 3 beautiful pups. From the time I received each pup to the adoption, the pups were treated with great care, given lots of exposure. If I was unable to get my pup to an adoption site they were picked up and delivered for me. From high Quality food, good medical care to help with training, a wish for animals made sure their pups were ready for their forever homes. I received detailed paperwork for interviewing new parents to approval of forever homes. Adoptive parents were left with care instructions. All of my pups parents keep in touch with me boasting of how well their new pup is fitting into their lives. The compassion for the welfare of all of the pets in the care of a wish for animals makes me want to be part of this organization.

Britta G. (General Member of the Public) 8/07/2011

A wish for animals is helping dogs and cats in need , rescuing them from local shelters , providing care for them until a fitting new forever home is found .
I personal worked with this organisation . They rescue dogs on regular basis from the shelter i work for . I am very thankful for groups like ” A wish for animals ” .

Emily (Client Served) 8/03/2011

About 5 years ago I found A Wish For Animals online. I contacted the Toni, the director of the non-profit and asked her if she had a really mean looking dog that is the sweetest thing that no one is adopting. Toni brought out my dog Scout. A 40lb American Bulldog, malnourished and spots of mange throughout her body. She had just a few days prior been attacked by a dog as she was in transition from a kill shelter to A Wish For Animals. Scout needed surgery, her wounds from the attack were abscessing. I decided to adopt Scout, Toni from A Wish For Animals paid for the $600 + surgery on the neck. Even though she was not in possession of Scout when she was attacked; Toni took on the responsibility of Scout???s health.
After my experience with Toni I have referred many people her way to adopt their family pets. Toni is a hard working woman that is totally dedicated to her cause. She has gone above and beyond to take in dogs that are homeless. I found out in the process of adopting my dog that she has relationship with the local county shelters and she will take the dogs that are adoptable when the shelter is going to put them down. Because of her tenacity and love for the animals I have my sweet sweet girl scout. If it was not for Toni building those relationships with the shelters most likely Scout would have been put to sleep. Thank you Toni for all you do for these animals. I just adore my dog.

MoDesigns (Client Served) 8/06/2011

I adopted a dog from this wonderful rescue. My dog, Bunny, had a mild limp when she was a puppy, which Toni thought may need surgery. Although I was ready and willing to adopt her anyway, Toni suggested I foster her until we found out what was wrong with her – and said that if Bunny needed surgery, they would pay for it before I adopted her. It turned out her joints were still growing and there was nothing wrong with her leg at all – she just grew out of it. But I really appreciated that A Wish For Animals completely “guarantees” (for lack of a better word) the animals they adopt out.
I’ve kept in touch with Toni over the years and given her progress reports and she always remembers us.

nparker (Client Served) 8/05/2011

Can not say enough wonderful things about A wish for Animals (AWFA). I seem to come across many stray dogs in my long commute to & from work everyday. Having such a strong love for animals I am unable to look away and have picked up many of these strays. Typically most of the animal rescues were unwilling to help. But AWFA is completely different and has found my beautiful strays wonderful loving homes. Toni Eakes is truly an guardian angel for animals.

Barbara W. General Member of the Public 08/02/2011

A wish for animals helped many dogs that normally would of been put down because the shelter are so full. I was asked by the director of a shelter to help certain dogs because they were going to be on death role. I asked a wish for animals for their help and they said yes because they could not let these angels down. I’ve also been to several of their events and the people that volunteer for this rescue are WONDERFUL. I had brought a couple dogs that I’m fostering for them and they are small and one volunteer picked up one of mine and walked around with him so he would not be afraid of the people at the event and to show him off and show people how sweet he is. They really do care about these animals. I’ve watch them clean after them walk them and give them love. I have dealt with several rescues and I find that this one is willing to work with potential adopters to make sure that they get a good experience and find their next best friend.

Beachfam Volunteer 08/04/2011

Great organization – all money raised goes directly to rescuing dogs, feeding them and providing medical care. No staff salaries – everyone is a volunteer. Super dedicated founder has a great heart and knows and cares about each animal. Great place to adopt a forever friend – volunteers want each dog to go to the right home.

Laura Androsko Volunteer 08/02/2011

Volunteering with a Wish for Animals is a great and fulfilling experience. My whole family comes out and we love to help the dogs.

Adopt Dogs Volunteer 08/03/2011

I have been a volunteer for several years now after I adopted a fantastic pittie, Lucy, to join our family. She passed away a year ago and adopted 2 hard-to-adopt pitties, Jake and Zoe – Jake was found with in a hoarding situation and Zoe recovered from serious injuries from being hit on a local freeway. They bonded together and are 2 of the best dogs ever! I joined Toni in her tireless efforts to save as many dogs from a variety of “tough” situations no matter what it takes. I spend my valuable time helping out with adoptions, fostering, and training because of the fantastic care, love, and devotion shown to these poor dogs. I am very proud to be part of this organization that truly makes a huge difference in the lives of countless dogs that have found fabulous homes. I smile each and every day in celebration of the work that is accomplished!

Linda M. General Member of the Public 08/02/2011

Toni is always willing to help the poor and unwanted animals from the horrific Devore shelter amongst other terrible so called animal shelters in southern California – many have very expensive medical requirements and she has never shied away from helping them becuase of this – many others turned their backs on this misfortunate animals but never Toni

lynnfilanda Volunteer 08/03/2011

I began volunteering at AWFA in Aug of 2009. Instantly I knew that my life would be different by being part of such a wonderful organization. It is amazing how much AWFA steps up to the plate when dogs get neglected for one reason or another. I’ve heard pretty much every story in the book of why each dog was given to AWFA. The reasons are heartbreaking, but the dogs couldn’t be in a safer and more loving place than this shelter. During my days as a volunteer I acquired my dog, Greg. I couldn’t ask for anything more and I thank Toni and the AWFA team for saving his life and bringing him into mine. I cannot say enough good things about this organization. They take in dogs from hoarding situations, abusive households, city shelters, and homeless dogs- no one gets left behind. What a wonderful place!

lucycorr Client Served 08/02/2011

My family and I adopted Lucy from A Wish for Animals Feburary of 2008. What a great experience it was. Originally my son and I were not so sure a dog was what we wanted. Toni immediately welcomed us to view an animal we saw on line. During our “interview” of the dog on line we had a conversation about us as a family and she then mentioned she had another dog but the dog was very shy. She brought out the other dog and that was it – almost like she knew what would work for us after spending only a short time getting to know us. We went home and called her later that night to see if we could come visit Lucy again and spend time with her on Sunday. It was a perfect fit and can’t imagine life without Lucy. We have referred many friends to adopt from Toni knowing that their experience would be very much the same. We have visted many times when A Wish for Animals would have rescue dogs at a pet store and have wanted to hear success stories like ours. I will honestly say if you rescue a dog please do not expect that the dog is perfect – they have not lived the perfect life and may need some additional care which can cost money but your pet is worth it.

Michelle B. Volunteer 08/03/2011

I learned about A Wish for Animals through a good friend and fellow animal lover. I decided I wanted to do something good and since I loved animals, what better way then to serve as a volunteer for a local rescue group. I got in touch with Toni Eakes, Founder for AWFA and expressed an interest in helping out where I was able. In the beginning I started out walking the dogs, feeding them and fostering from time to time. I wanted to do more, so I worked closely w/Toni. She’s taught me a lot, not just about rescuing but the importance of following through! It’s not enough to just save a dog and find it a home. There is so much more involved and she dedicates her whole life to not only saving lives, but also educating new dog owners from health, diet and nutrition for your pets, to medical care, which vaccinations are required, the importance of spaying and neutering your pets etc. She wants to make sure that every potential adopter understands that owning a dog is a committment for the lifetime of that dog! Toni is very protective of each animal she has rescued and also very selective of anyone interested in adoption. She will turn people away if she doesn’t feel it would be the right fit/home for the dog. In the 2 years I have been a volunteer she has taught me so much! This has to be one of the best rescues I have had the opportunity to work with. Their passion goes above and beyond…they understand the true meaning of “RESCUE”!

JTriem Volunteer 08/02/2011

I have worked with Toni and A Wish for Animals off and on for three years. I adopted my wonderful dog Zena from this rescue and have fostered other great dogs for Toni. The rescue does all that it can to find the right home situation for the dogs and also focuses on education and follow up to make sure that each adoption is a successful placement. Toni continues to grow in her expertise in the area of animal welfare, nutrition and health and works with adoptees and the volunteers to educate. We can use more volunteers as we have many animals in the rescue that need a home.


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